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Ghost Win 10 22H2 – No & Full Soft, Update June 2023

Ghost Win 10 22H2 2023 is made from the original Win 10 22H2 installation (Update Build 19045.3086), with unnecessary apps removed while keeping Defender and Store.

  • Allows the user to set their username during the installation process (similar to installing from the original ISO).
  • Integrated IRST drivers to support installation on new generation CPUs (Gen 10-13).
  • This no-software version does not install any software other than enabling Net Framework 3.5 and WinRAR.
  • The ghost version has been optimized, fine-tuned, and configured with services before being backed up.
  • After installation, you can access the C:\Extra folder to use tools for activating digital licenses, Windows Update, and Defender.
  • No personalization of any Windows components.

Ghost Win 10 22H2 Image

Ghost Win 10 22H2 Ghost Win 10 22H2 2023 Ghost Win 10 22H2 June 2023

Download Ghost Win 10 22H2

Google Drive Fshare.vn OneDrive

Filename Size MD5
Win10.HomeSL.June.2023.gho 5.92 GB 1e059cf2a2cae56341347f8e5ecde1a2
Win10.Pro.June.2023.gho 5.83 GB 933d7754c19264495b2137cddeb3ded8
Win10.Home.Pro.June.2023.iso 6.35 GB c9f0983ef0a9b798ef36f1ace3d596c6
UEFI Win10.HomeSL.June.202.tib 5.69 GB b922708c580f636fb3f079c6f6553f18
UEFI Win10.Pro.June.2023.tib 5.61 GB 0ca0ecfc3e7cc5a511cfebd310dea73b

*  Attention:

  • It is recommended to use IDM Download Manager to achieve the fastest download speed. For OneDrive links, please refer to this article.
  • After downloading, make sure to check the MD5 hash accurately before proceeding with the ghost installation.
  • The ISO file will include both the no-software and full software versions. Especially in this ISO file, both Home SL and Pro editions are integrated for the best usage options.
  • During usage, remember to clean up junk files, optimize, and defragment the HDD for the best performance of Windows.
  • If you encounter any issues during installation or have any suggestions, please leave your comments below.

Wishing you successful installation!

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